To attend your Online Hypnotherapy Session, click the "WAITING ROOM" link in the menu column to the right.

Once you enter the Waiting Room, wait for your Hypnotherapist to contact you. They will provide you with a password to protect the "door" to your Hypnotherapy Office. They will also tell you which Office to meet them in.

Click on the "Offices" button at the top of the page.

Select the Office your Hypnotherapist told you and enter your password.

Click on "Connect Webcam and Audio" button on the left side of the Office. Allow all the settings it asks permission for.

That's it - you should be off and running. If you have trouble, check your webcam and microphone connections by following the procedure below, and if all else fails, restart your computer.

Video and Microphone Setup
The Hypnotherapist Network video conferencing system is very straightforward and easy to use. You will need a webcam and microphone. No other special equipment is necessary. The Hypnotherapist Network video conferencing service is fully PC, Mac and Ipad compatible. Video and audio is not supported by Smartphones due to carrier restrictions, however The Hypnotherapist Network instant messaging will function on these devices.

Camera and Microphone Settings.

1. Click on the "greater than" symbol next to the "X" on your webcam screen (1 below).
2. If you don't see an image in your webcam window, then click on "change" under "Cam is ON" (2 below). Select your camera, and the image will appear in your webcam window.
3. Click on "change" under "Mic is ON" and select the Microphone that is attached to your computer (3 below).
4. If you want to turn disable "Push To Talk" (5 below), then click the checkbox next to "Mic is ON". Now your Microphone is in "always on" mode.

Once you have set your webcam and microphone settings one time, your computer will remember those preferences until you clear your memory cache.

If you would like additional assistance, please email us at