Hypnotherapist Network's Therapist QUICKSTART Guide

Welcome to Hypnotherapist Network! As a hypnoHypnotherapy services provider, you must make certain that the technology you use to communicate with your clients is secure and appropriate for use with private matters. Too often, hypnotherapists will default to Skype because their clients are already using it, and unfortunately, technologies like Skype are not at all appropriate – or secure enough – for Hypnotherapy.

The first step to succeeding with Online HypnoHypnotherapy is to become knowledgeable about Online Hypnoherapy best practices. We will cover the basics below. For greater detail, you may purchase the Hypnotherapist Network Online HypnoHypnotherapy Certification Workshop.

Online HypnoHypnotherapy Best Practices

1. Appropriateness for Client – Determine if meeting Online poses any possible detriment for the client.
2. Security / Confidentiality – These go hand in hand. This falls into two categories:
3. Knowledge of approaches best suited for Online HypnoHypnotherapy.
4. Knowledge of Legal and Ethical consideration unique to Online HypnoHypnotherapy.
5. Comfort level with Online HypnoHypnotherapy – the best way get more comfortable is to do it! Start by thinking of it as face-to-face hypnoHypnotherapy –without being in the same room. You will adapt quickly and be completely comfortable after only a few sessions.

Hypnotherapist Network's SecureMessaging system allows for you and your client to send each other messages in a secure, private environment.

If the message was sent by a website visitor who was not logged into Hypnotherapist Network, then you will find that person's email address just above the message. You will need to copy the address and reply using your email program. Your email reply will not be secure.

If you wish to SecureMessage with a client (you can potentially charge for this service), then instruct your client to create a Hypnotherapist Network account if they have not already done so, log in, and then SecureMessage you. You will need to provide them with your Hypnotherapist Network username for them to SecureMessage you, or they may provide you with their Hypnotherapist Network username so that you may initiate the SecureMessaging.

Two ways to use the Online Hypnotherapy Office
1. For Appointments scheduled and paid for through the office.
2. For Appointments scheduled and paid for off-line.

If you want to meet with your Client, without having them schedule and pay for the appointment online, you can at anytime simply log into your account, and enter one of your Online Hypnotherapy Offices. If your Client does not have an account yet at your Online Hypnotherapy Office, they have the added step of registering at your site, which takes under a minute.

If a client presents a danger to themselves or others, contact police or health authorities in their local area.

1) Find out where the Client is. If you don't trust your client to tell you where they are, click on their name in the list in your Online Hypnotherapy Office, then choose 'IP Who Is' - there will be a number in between 'IP' and 'Who is' - that is their IP address. Click on this link - it will tell you approximately where the Client is AT THIS MOMENT.

2) Depending upon the circumstance, you may wish to compare the location you received above with the billing information you have on file in the 'Clients and Registered Users' Directory (click on the menu item to the left) - choose your Client from the list of users, then scroll to the bottom and you will find their address information.

3) Once you have a location on your Client, do a google search for 'Police or Health or Pet Team, Name of City and State' - CLICK HERE to pop out a Google browser window.


As a therapist with Hypnotherapist Network, you will have two separate logins.

1) Hypnotherapist Network Listing Login. Login at www.Hypnotherapist Network. This login will only allow you to modify your Hypnotherapist Network LISTING. This is completely separate from your Hypnotherapist Network Online Hypnotherapy Office login.

2) Hypnotherapist Network Online Hypnotherapy Office Login. You may login at your Online Hypnotherapy Office.

This manual covers how to manage your Online Hypnotherapy Office, which is accessed by login method #2 above.

II - HYPNOTHERAPIST HOME PAGE. On your home page, you will see a short message from Hypnotherapist Network (if there are any important updates to let you know about, we'll put them here) and a list of your upcoming appointments. You may can navigate to your Online Hypnotherapy Office, to your Therapist Resources, and to your Back Office Administration


1. Click on "Back Office Administration"

2. You will land on the 'General' tab of 'Appointments'.

3. Scroll down until you get to the 'Payment Settings' section. Change the 'PayPal Merchant E-mail' to your PayPal email address. If you do not have a PayPal account, go to www.paypal.com and sign up. You will need PayPal in order to collect your Hypnotherapy fees.

4. Confirm that 'PayPal Mode' is set to 'Live'. WARNING - If you set it to 'Sandbox' your payment system will be in 'test' mode - you will not collect money, but appointments will be scheduled.

5. Click 'Save Settings' at the bottom of the page. NOTE - you DO NOT need to check the 'create an appointment page' checkbox. We have already configured your appointment page for you.

6. Click on the 'Working Hours' tab. Use the 'Working Hours' and 'Break Hours' functions to set your general schedule.

8. Click on the 'Exceptions' tab to set up your days off.

9. Click on the 'Services' tab to set up your services and rates.

IV - Appointments.

When an appointment is paid for and scheduled by a Client, you will receive an email to alert you.

V - Video Conferencing.

The Hypnotherapist Network video conferencing system is very straightforward and easy to use. You will need a webcam and microphone. No other special equipment is necessary. Hypnotherapist Network video conferencing is fully PC, Mac and Ipad compatible. Video and audio is not supported by Smartphones due to carrier restrictions, however Hypnotherapist Network instant messaging will function on these devices.

Camera and Microphone Settings.

1. Click on the "greater than" symbol next to the "X" on your webcam screen (1 below).
2. If you don't see an image in your webcam window, then click on "change" under "Cam is ON" (2 below). Select your camera, and the image will appear in your webcam window.
3. Click on "change" under "Mic is ON" and select the Microphone that is attached to your computer (3 below).
4. If you want to turn disable "Push To Talk" (5 below), then click the checkbox next to "Mic is ON". Now your Microphone is in "always on" mode.

Get familiar with your Online Hypnotherapy Office by clicking on the 'Enter Waiting Room' link. When you and your Clients enter, you arrive in your Online Hypnotherapy Office's Waiting Room. Once there, click on the 'Offices' button, select an Office, and then set a password for that session. This will prevent anyone else other than your client from entering the private session. Then, click on your client's name in the Waiting Room, and Private Message the client with the password you just created and instruct the client to click on the 'Offices' button and to select the office you set up for them.

The Hypnotherapist Network Video Conferencing system runs on Secure Channels using the RTMPS protocol and uses token authentication along with a series of advanced security protocols to comply with all HIPAA standards and legal requirements of the practice of psychotherapy.