LuAnn Pierce Online Therapy Offers Discreet, Convenient Access To Therapy Services

LuAnn Pierce recently announced the addition of an online therapy office to her practice. Pierce will provide mental health counseling, consulting and related social work services to people in the comfort of their homes via the secure technology of her online therapy office. The new addition to Pierce’s menu of services is timely. LuAnn is working with the CO-WY Chapter of the National MS Society to find solutions to barriers that prevent people living MS and other chronic health challenges from accessing mental health services.

Pierce stated that her previous experience as the Program Manager for The National MS Society prepared her for the next step of online therapy. In that role, she developed and taught teleclasses and webinars to couples living with MS throughout the country.

Pierce said “The five-year federal grant project that I worked on, Relationship Matters: A Program for Couples Living with MS, was more successful than we imagined possible. This was largely due to our ability to connect with people in their homes. Use of online technology made it possible to reach people in remote areas, allowed those with mobility and other limitations to access the program and provided a safe environment for couples to share openly in an anonymous setting. Couples were able to attend weekly sessions over a period of six weeks using teleconferencing and webinars. We were pleasantly surprised to find that couples attending the teleclasses reported higher levels of marital satisfaction on post-tests than those who participated in the live, weekend workshops. It was a great experience for the clients and the agency. The online therapy office will expand these and related therapeutic services to other groups and individuals.”

LuAnn provides online therapy for people living in Colorado and Wyoming. She offers professional social work services to people living in other areas, as well. These include case management, advocacy, coaching, consulting and related services to navigate any barriers to care. Pierce also provides ‘virtual social work services’ to agencies in need of training, program development, case management and other services. More information about those services is available on her website,

In addition to providing online therapy for people who live with chronic illness and their caregivers, Pierce has experience in general mental health issues. She has special training and expertise in Adult ADHD, natural alternatives to mental health recovery (without pharmaceutical medication), domestic abuse and relationship/couple issues. LuAnn also offers classes and workshops on a variety of current topics, both in person and via the online therapy office.

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