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Rhonne Sanderson Online Therapy Provides Access To Discreet, Convenient Mental Health Services | P. Rhonne Sanderson, Ph.D.,LMFT-S

Rhonne Sanderson Online Therapy Provides Access To Discreet, Convenient Mental Health Services

“I’ve always wanted to become a doctor & early on, I set my goal to become such before I was thirty (30) years of age” says Dr. P. Rhonne Sanderson. “I was clearly thinking of becoming a physician but with such odds as being supported by a single parent mom who was an elementary school teacher plus the fact that I was math & science ‘challenged’ that dream seemed to have waned once I reached college”. For Dr. Sanderson, the dream of becoming a doctor never left his mind. Indeed, he did become a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) at twenty-seven (27) years of age finishing up his doctorate degree from the University of Florida’s Counselor Education Program. Never being one to just “settle” for non-dynamic therapy, he chose to become a Marriage & Family Therapist. He states: “In marriage & family therapy, there’s never a dull moment – many things hit you, many times from many angles in each session”. As exciting as Marriage & Family Therapy is, Dr. Sanderson finds the same challenges in working with Adolescents & he has taken the opportunities to work vehemently with this group of clients. “Teens are creative, dynamic, energized & innovative. I love it as I feel like this is very much my personality & energy base as well.”
Never being one to think or live in “the box” Dr. Sanderson is always looking for a different or non-traditional way of helping clients in his practice. With that in mind, he realized well over 20 years ago that technology was the next tool on the horizon of therapy connection to the public & clientele wanting or needing counseling or psychotherapy. After working the Suicide Crisis Intervention telephone lines for approximately two (2) years, Dr. Sanderson came to the realization that this “telephonic counseling” could effectively reach others when they needed the help by simply making a call for help. He integrated telephonic therapy into his private practice with some “limited” success. He attributes the limited success to the issue of man simply being a creature of habit & being resistant to change.
As technology has advanced, i.e. the internet, video & telephonic conferencing, smart phone technology ad infinitum, he was reinspired to “jump on board” in expanding his ability to reach his client base . He discovered that not only could he reach more clients & vice-versa but he could touch very targeted populations who could not be reached before e.g. the “sick & shut-in”, travel challenged population due to distance, time, gas, & means of transportation; mood shifted individuals – persons who emotionally or physically don’t feel like driving on tense roads; reduction of stress & possibly road rage; not getting in an accident or to be “gridlocked “ trying to make an appointment; therapy hours being expanded in that many office buildings automatically lock up at 6:00 p.m.; transcontinental counseling – no reason to miss your therapy appointment even if you’re in another city, state or country; with smart phone & computer technology – never needing to ensue a “No Show/No Cancellation – Missed Appointment” charge or fee. Not only is it physically more feasible to access professional services but the push for third party reimbursement of (i.e. with premiums being raised yearly, co-pays & deductibles climbing sky high as well) mental health services are going to become a “rider” or option of coverage after a while. The public will probably be forced to drop mental health coverage so the full fee will be on the public’s shoulders. As things are on-line counseling may be less expensive now as one often has to meet thousands of dollars in deductibles where the money you’re investing to reach your deductible could be directly spent on on-line therapy with a great deal more sessions given for the same amount of money.
Dr. Sanderson offers professional, confidential, HIPAA compliant therapies via face-to-face counseling in his office; (secure) 0n-line counseling via (secure) video counseling, telephonic, chat (or instant messaging) & e-mail.

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