Therapist Signup: Step 1

The Therapist Directory
Licensed therapists receive a FREE listing at Your listing includes a link that leads directly to your website and is a great way to increase visitors and paying clients to your website. – The Original Online Therapy Service
For therapists who choose to practice Online Therapy, you may activate a Online Therapy Office designed specifically for the legal, ethical and best practices of psychotherapy. was the first full-service Online Therapy service, founded in April of 2000, and has remained in the forefront of developing Online Therapy Technologies. – Unparalleled Security
The Video Conferencing system runs on Secure Channels using the RTMPS protocol and uses token authentication along with a series of advanced security protocols to comply with all HIPAA regulations and applicable state laws governing the practice of psychotherapy. MyTherapyNet is PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android compatible. – Commitment to Client Welfare Comes First
And that means that does everything possible to help you serve your clients in the best and most effective manner possible. We continuously improve our technology and procedures, giving you access to the most advanced tools for providing Online Therapy Services available.

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Q. How long does it take for my Listing to be approved?
A. As long as you have uploaded a photo of yourself, and have filled in all of the information in your pending Directory Listing, including your license and insurance information.

Q. Can I do Online Therapy through
A. Yes,’s proprietary Online Therapy software allows you to schedule, book, bill and communicate with clients through secure technology designed for the practice of online therapy. Log in, click on “My Account” and then click on “My Online Therapy Office to activate your Online Therapy Office

Q. Does MyTherapyNet take a percentage of the fees I charge clients that come through
A. No. MyTherapyNet never takes any percentages or fees from your client fees. 

Q. How do I collect payments made to me by clients through my Online Therapy Office?

A. Your client fees are collected through your PayPal account, from which you can transfer directly to your bank account. does not interact with your client fees in any way – fees go directly from your Clients to you.

Q. If I use Online Therapy, how do I handle out of state clients?
A. The number one rule is to follow your regulatory board’s rules for treating clients outside of your state. If you need help with this, contact us directly.

Q. Can I see my current clients using the Online Therapy Office?
A. Yes. And you can continue to have your in-person clients pay you as they currently do if you wish.