Hi Fellow Therapist!

My name is Dr. Kat Derrig-Palumbo, and I founded MyTherapyNet over 13 years ago. At that time I had been working online for nearly four years, developing the foundation of what was to become the MyTherapyNet Online Therapy Best Practices Guidelines. My book, “Online Therapy, A Therapist’s Guide To Expanding Your Practice” details what my team and I have found to be the very best approaches to working with patients online.

The most common question I’m asked by fellow therapists is how can they be trained to see patients online so that they can be certain to be providing their services in an appropriate manner. The first step is using the right technology – that step alone will protect your patient – and your license. Here’s an analogy … if you were in the “real world”, would you have your session in public? The technology you use is your “office” – choose its “location” thoughtfully.

MyTherapyNet aggregates the technologies necessary for conducting Online Therapy – securely, efficiently and profitably. And we do not take a percentage of revenue you generate from your clients. We are a “virtual office building”, so we charge rent. That means you can use the office as much as you would like each month – we cover all the bandwidth for your video and audio conferencing inclusive in the monthly “rent”.

I believe you will find that we have compiled the very best tools, training, and advice for Online Therapy available. I am looking forward to helping you build your Online practice!


CEO and Founder

MyTherapyNet Therapy Office Setup     (Value $500)
Security is our #1 Priority, and live technicians are mandated in order to configure your Online Therapy Office. Your Online Therapy Office includes:

  • Calendaring and Scheduling – Set your schedule sot that clients may schedule appointments with you online. You may also enter appointments manually.
  • Billing – All payments made by your clients through the system are deposited directly into your personal PayPal account.
  • Communications – Your Online Therapy Office includes the capabilities of instant messaging as well as video conferencing – all in a secure environment configured to meet HIPAA requirements for protecting online communications. Up to four video conferencing streams can be viewed at once – you and three clients in three separate locations. Use for individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy and mediation.

  • One Month MyTherapyNet.com Featured Listing    (Value: $100)
    The best way to get MyTherapyNet.com potential clients to see your MyTherapyNet Listing.

    MyTherapyNet Therapy Directory Listing Optimization Course     (Value: $97)
    You have the Listing, now find out how to maximize its effect. Learn the most effective techniques for turning Directory Listing readers into paying clients and apply them to all of your Directory Listings.

    MyTherapyNet Online Therapy Quick Start Guide     (Value: Start in minutes, not hours)
    The MyTherapyNet technology gives you the security that you are using an appropriate online system for providing therapy. The MyTherapyNet Quick Start Guide will give you the peace of mind that you know the basics on how to set up your payment system, calendar, and fee structure as well as how to use your video conferencing and communications system.

    MyTherapyNet Online Therapy Office Hosting     (Value: $1200 per year)
    Online Therapy requires quality, secure, dedicated web hosting which begins at $100 per month. MyTherapyNet employs the right server technology to serve the mental health industry – in the right way. By aggregating services and specializing in mental health specifically, MyTherapyNet is able to offer hosting that will provide you with the quality of service that ordinarily costs thousands of dollars per year.

  • Free Unlimited Use Of Video Conferencing
  • 100% Of Your Client Fees Go Directly To You
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Flat monthly fee