Does it cost to join MyTherapyNet as a Therapist?

Joining is free.   As long as you have a mental health related professional license and at least 3 years providing therapy, you are eligible for a listing free of charge.

How many clients can I expect to come from MyTherapyNet?

There are many factors that go into play when a client chooses a Therapist.  We do provide free resources on optimizing your listing and other tips that help you to attract clients.

How is Online Therapy conducted?

We utilize a proprietary video / audio / chat interface designed specifically for use by Therapists and your Clients.

Does take a percentage of the fees Therapists charge? takes no fees from either our Therapists or their Clients. is free to use.  Therapists set their own rates, and collect their fees directly to their bank accounts using PayPal and/or a credit card processing company such as

What is the FREE Advertising promotion?

We pay for ads directly to Therapists who complete and optimize their profile according to our suggestions, which includes making sure the Therapists’ profiles we advertise comply with the rules of advertising as they pertain to licensed Therapists.  We provide a free and easy tutorial that helps you set up Therapist profiles correctly.