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Dear Fellow Therapist,

I'm really excited to be able to offer you a free listing and a free online therapy office at! When we started out in April of 2000, it was my vision to create a platform for therapists that answered their need for expanding their practices, while providing safe and effective online access to therapy for clients who otherwise wouldn't get the help they need.

Finally, people who are homebound, sick, traveling, live in rural areas or can't get to office visits for any reason, can get access to professionally licensed therapists and the help they need. Now especially, with Covid-19 social distancing in place indefinitely, Online Therapy is an exceptional way for clients to continue to get the help they need.

Since founding, I have written books, lectured internationally and presented for psychological associations worldwide on the subject of Online Therapy. Speaking with thousands of Therapists, all U.S. state Licensing Boards and the major Psychological Associations, I was able to refine a detailed vision of what Online Therapy technologies and functions therapists needed to legally and ethically expand their practices online.

20 years later, this a new We've rebuilt the system from the ground up. We take no fees from our therapists or their clients - the service is completely free. As a Therapist, you can rest assured that by not engaging in any form of "fee-splitting" with us you are protecting your license and livelihood.

We've also provided you with all the support you need to maximize the value of your MyTherapyNet Listing and Online Therapy Office.

As an added bonus, we have on-staff a marketing team that will teach you simple, proven steps that are highly effective for attracting new clients.

Private practice is where Therapists often have the highest earning potential. We are dedicated to providing you with all the knowledge you need to grow your practice and income.

Welcome! We look forward to helping you expand your practice!

– Dr. Kat Derrig-Palumbo, founder 

Here's why we're excited to give you a MyTherapyNet Listing and Online Therapy Office absolutely free!

With Covid-19, we're all making changes and sacrifices. Meanwhile, the need for mental health services is higher than ever. Being able to reach new clients who need help and seeing them Online is more important than ever. Our platform is highly secure and HIPAA compliant, so you can be confident of practicing online.

Best of all, we don't charge you or your clients any fees whatsoever. Set your own rates, collect your fees directly to your PayPal or bank account and pay nothing for UNLIMITED use of your Online Therapy Office, equipped with chat, audio and video conferencing. MyTherapyNet is Optimized for use on Mobile Devices too!

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