We recommend leaving all settings at their default values.


Booking Type

leave this on “Registered Booking” – this means that your client must register an account before booking a session with you.


Booking Options

Choose require “Name” – your client has already registered an account if they are booking with you, this “name” field is just for booking a time slot – your client may even use a nickname if they would like to.


Appointment Booking Redirect

Leave it at its current “Choose Specific Page” redirection setting.  After booking, the client is redirected to a standard “Informed Consent” form.  If you would like, you may edit this page to your liking.   


Login Redirect

Leave it as “My Account”


Custom Login Tab Content

Leave this blank


Time Slot Intervals

We recommend leaving it set to Every 5 Minutes


Appointment Buffer

We recommend leaving it at “No Buffer”.   This means that clients can book back to back appointments, as opposed to being allowed one appointment per amount of your buffer setting.


Prevent Appointments Before Date and Prevent Appointments After Date – we recommend you not change this setting.


Cancellation Buffer

Therapists usually choose a 24 hour cancellation buffer so that a client cannot cancel within 24 hours of their appointment.


Appointment Limit

We recommend you leaving this set to “No Limit”.  If you have court or insurance restrictions on the number of sessions a client is allowed, you should handle that on a separate ledger, as this setting affects all clients.


New Appointment Default

Keep this at “Approve Immediately”


Display Options

We recommend leaving all of these unselected.


Other Options

We recommend leaving all of these unchecked.


Front-End Color Settings

We recommend using the default color scheme


Save Changes

Make sure to save your changes if you have made any.