Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost to join MyTherapyNet as a Therapist?

No, joining is free.   As long as you have a mental health related professional license and at least 3 years providing therapy, you are eligible for a listing free of charge.

How many clients can I expect to come from MyTherapyNet?

There are many factors that go into play when a client chooses a Therapist.  We do provide free resources on optimizing your listing and other tips that help you to attract clients.

We also run paid ads directly to Therapists who complete and optimize their profile according to our suggestions.  We do not charge you for the cost of advertising. 

Therapist Set-up

Sign Up

  1. Visit
  2. Scroll Down to the Bottom
  3. Select Register (for Client) or Apply to be a Therapist Link (for Therapist)
  4. Complete the required fields
  5. Check your email for updates on your approval.  We usually approve accounts within 24 hours
  6. Once your account has been approved, log in to complete your profile to maximize your exposure and appeal to new clients.

Online Therapy Virtual Office Setup

  1. We will set up an Online Therapy Office for you with your own web address at This means you can link to your Online Therapy office from your current websites and listings.
  2. We will email you the virtual office link and login
  3. After you login, you have to change your password, modify your virtual office and add your merchant accounts so that Clients pay you directly.  You should create a PayPal business account and we also recommend for credit card payments.  Setting up Paypal and Stripe takes less than 10 minutes each.
  4. Customize Online Therapy Office. CLICK HERE to learn how to customize your Online Therapy Office. You will learn how to set your calendar and how to set up your payment system so that Client Fees are deposited directly into your bank account.
  5. Profile Setup Best Practices. CLICK HERE to learn the proven format for setting up your Therapist Profile to efficiently and effectively attract new clients.