About Me

Dr. Vicki D. Coleman is an Anger Management Expert, Internationally Recognized Behavioral Health Specialist, Clinical Psychotherapist, and Online Professor of Psychology, Counseling, Human Services, and History.

A former Tenured Professor at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, Dr. Coleman has also held positions in mental health, social services, criminal justice, food and beverage, and transportation, including Northwestern University, Educational Testing Service, and American Airlines.  She conducts research on anger management, career development, vocational psychology, sports counseling, addictions, military families, and multicultural and diverse populations.  Dr. Coleman has several inter/national refereed publications in these areas.

An entrepreneur and President/CEO of The Coleman Group & The Anger Doctor, Dr. Coleman travels throughout North America, Europe, the Caribbean, and South America conducting workshops, developing programs, and evaluating institutions for accreditation.  She has provided consultation for educational institutions, business, industry, government, professional associations, and community organizations.  The Coleman Group & The Anger Doctor are management consulting firms specializing in services and products for anger management, mediation, substance abuse, human capital, training, and research.

A native of Detroit, Michigan, Dr. Coleman received a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a Master’s in U.S. and Latin American History from The University of Iowa; a Master’s in Counselor Education from Northern Illinois University; and a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Rutgers University.

Dr. Coleman is a member of several professional associations, including the National Career Development Association, National Association of Forensic Counselors, and the American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy, to name a few.  She is also a Licensed Professional Counselor; a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor; a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor; a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist; a Licensed Clinical Social Worker; a Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor; a Certified Career Counselor; a Certified JobsOver50-Boomer Authority Career Coach; a Board Certified Coach; a Board Certified Human Services Professional; a Master Addictions Counselor; a Doctoral Addictions Counselor; a Clinically Certified Domestic Violence Counselor; a Clinically Certified Criminal Justice Specialist; a National Certified Counselor; a National Certified Career Counselor; a National Certified Gerontological Counselor; a Clinical Fellow of the American Association for Marriage & Family Therapy; a Clinical Member of the National Association of Forensic Counselors; a Diplomate in Sports Counseling; and a Certified Anger Management Facilitator.  Dr. Coleman holds an Advanced Certificate in Mediation, and as a Substance Abuse Professional, conducts Substance Abuse Evaluations for the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Dr. Coleman completed an Internship; and is a Certified Federal Mediator for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).