About Me

My awareness of human sexuality rises above my own personal opinion and experiences. I affirm all sexual orientations and gender expression. I help people reclaim their authentic sexual selves within their particular spiritual/religious/life view practice and I tailor my treatment to best fit each individual client. I address a client’s sexual issues directly. I don’t sidestep the sex part to deal with the other issues in the relationship, although I don’t ignore other issues either as our sexual experience within our relationships tends to be a microcosm of all aspects of our relationship.  Physiological, psychological, emotional and spiritual processes, are all a part of human sexuality and an integrated approach is necessary.

I practice psychotherapy and life coaching as a Relationship Counselor/Sexuality Specialist. I focus on sexuality, spirituality, communication, truth telling, and alternative relationship styles such as polyamory. I am LGBTQIA affirmative. My continuing education focuses primarily on sex therapy, communication, and all aspects of relationship.

I possess a sex positive outlook and understanding of the powerful influence that sexuality has on a person’s life. Good sex and more fulfilling relationships is a significant piece for creating peace, harmony and happiness in the world. I guide individuals and couples as they dive deep into themselves and help them to create intimacy with others.