About Me

You are living a daily battle in your head about what you can eat, how much you should exercise, if you are worthy of taking up space. You are consumed by counting calories and by the negative voice inside that tells you, you’ll never be good enough or thin enough, smart enough or pretty enough. You are fed up with how the society/culture tells you how you should look and feel and behave. Your behaviors have you feeling exhausted and depleted and you wonder how you can go on another day. Others may think you have it all together on the outside, but the mental torture inside is killing you and feel like your life is shrinking.

The great news is that you can find freedom in your life and heal your relationship with food and your body. I promise, you can! As someone who has been helping others heal their relationship with food and their body for the last 17 years, I understand how lonely the road can be. It often takes expert help to find your way out. Give yourself this gift!

As a certified eating disorder specialist, I can guide you on your path to healing and recovery. If you have been scared to reach out, now is the time. I offer a safe and non-judgmental space to explore these issues. Please visit my website and email or call me. Take the risk! It will be worth it. People do recover and so can you!